7 Handy Tips to Smooth Your Downsizing Move



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7 Handy Tips to Smooth Your Downsizing Move


As you transition into your golden years, you might consider downsizing your home. A recent article from USA Today highlighted how downsizing can be a good option to save money on taxes, improve access to health care, and save money on monthly utilities, which is especially true if you’re moving to a small space due to medical conditions. In order to avoid the stress of moving, here are a few ways you can make the transition smoother.


Find Your New Home Online


Before heading out to look at houses, research homes online in the area you’d like to move to. You can get a more accurate idea of what the price range is, as well as what size you’d like. This can save you a lot of time and energy on narrowing down houses and give you an idea what to expect. Homes in Burlingame, California, have sold on average for $2 million in the last month, and having that knowledge can help you decide if you can afford your dream house.


Focus on Function


Downsizing experts mention that downsizing can give you an opportunity to find furniture and design rooms that are focused on function, accessibility, and simplicity. Look for homes that will suit your physical needs. By doing so, you can figure out which of your items to get rid of. If they don’t have a practical function or hinder your movement/accessibility in any way, then they can go. Although saying goodbye to items you’ve accumulated over the years is difficult, doing so will give you a comfortable, clutter-free space to work with when you move in.


Plan for Extra Costs


Go beyond the down payment and mortgage. If you need to hire a moving team, rent a space to store your things, or pay for utilities before the new move-ins arrive, then plan for it. These are all expenses that some people might not necessarily factor into their financial downsizing plans. There are a lot of unexpected costs that can creep up when you move, so make sure you make room in your budget for any potential hiccups.


Reuse Old Boxes


You don’t always have to purchase boxes for your move. Sometimes, local business will have excess boxes you can use. Also, sites like Craigslist will sometimes have people giving them away, and U-haul even has a customer connect forum where you can get them. In fact, you may have several boxes left over by the time you’ve finished decluttering your old home. Then, after you’ve moved and unpacked, you can offer these boxes to other people.


Move Stuff a Little at a Time


If you already have a location picked out and have paid for the house, then giving yourself wiggle room regarding the move will help reduce stress. This works best if you live close to your new location. You can move your items over the course of one week or even a couple of weeks, depending on your situation of selling your current house.


Sell Things Online


Get your family involved and move room by room to find things that might have some value on eBay. This can result in some extra money to help you pay for additional (and unexpected) costs as you go through the downsizing process. Only sell items that are in functioning order and donate or throw out the ones that you second-guess.


When downsizing your living situation, there’s a lot to keep track of. You’re trying to figure out what to do with all your extra stuff, account for extra costs, pay attention to your medical issues, find a great new place to live, and get all of your stuff in there. You can make a move a lot easier to handle by planning ahead, being smart about downsizing, and focusing on your budget. Although saying goodbye might be tough, a brand new life lies ahead!



Michael Longsdon